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Dr. Asif Mahmood Releases New Ad Hitting Rep. Kim on Partisan, Anti-Choice Record

Oct 11, 2022

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TUSTIN — Today, Dr. Mahmood’s campaign released a new ad calling out Rep. Young Kim for attacking women’s reproductive rights and voting to restrict access to contraception.

Protecting reproductive rights is a cornerstone of Dr. Mahmood’s campaign. He believes that medical decisions should be private, and kept between a patient and their physician– not the government.

“I’m a pro-choice voter and I’m voting for Dr. Asif Mahmood for Congress,” said Geniece Higgins, one of Congresswoman Kim’s constituents. “Republicans like Young Kim are waging an attack on women’s reproductive freedom – Kim even voted to restrict access to birth control. These policies aren’t rooted in “conservative” values. They certainly aren’t based on science. This is partisan politics, plain and simple. Don’t let Young Kim play politics with our rights. Vote Dr. Mahmood this November.”

Kim’s record stands in stark contrast to Dr. Mahmood’s service to the community. He believes our leaders in Congress should focus on helping people – not playing political games or scoring points for their party. Learn more at

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