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Aug 31, 2022

Here’s what supporters from across the district have to say about Dr. Asif Mahmood for Congress:

“I’m a Republican because I don’t want the government interfering in my life. That’s why I’m voting for Dr. Asif Mahmood. He will keep the government out of our personal choices.”

    — Shelly B., Yorba Linda

“I’m voting for Dr. Mahmood because I know he will put the voices of our community first, not outside interests.”

    — Lisa L., Rancho Santa Margarita







“We deserve a leader in Washington who will solve problems. As a doctor, I’ve spent my life working to improve people’s lives, helping patients overcome challenges and stay healthy. I’m running for Congress to break through the partisanship and get things done for our community.” – Dr. Asif Mahmood

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Update: Politico reports that Orange County is "where control of Congress will be won." Chip in a donation to flip CA-40 from red to blue.
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