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Doctor Asif Mahmood Launches First TV Ad of General Election -“Shelly”

Sep 06, 2022

New Ad Features Republican Constituent Criticizing Congresswoman Young Kim For Voting to Put Government In Charge of Women’s Health Care Decisions

Ad Is Part of 7 Figure Ad Buy From Mahmood’s Campaign


TUSTIN — Dr. Asif Mahmood released his first television ad of the General Election in his race to defeat Congresswoman Young Kim. The ad features a Republican constituent criticizing Congresswoman Young Kim for repeatedly voting to put the government in charge of women’s health care decisions. The ad is part of a seven-figure buy across television and digital.


“I’m a Republican because I don’t want the government to interfere in my life,” said Shelly Bernal, one of Congresswoman Kim’s constituents in Yorba Linda. “That’s why I am so angry Republicans like Young Kim voted to put the government in charge of women’s health care decisions. For me, it’s not about being pro-choice or pro-life. It’s about the government messing with our lives and our private decisions. That’s why I’m voting for Dr. Asif Mahmood. Dr. Mahmood will keep the government out of our personal choices.”

Congresswoman Young Kim has repeatedly supported attempts to put the government in control of women’s reproductive health care decisions. Dr. Mahmood, a physician with more than twenty years of experience treating patients, understands that health care decisions must be made between patients and their doctors — not the government. He is endorsed by Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America, and Dr. Mahmood is the only candidate in this race who will stand up for women’s freedom to make their own health care choices.


Just weeks after the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, Kim voted in July 2022 against protecting abortion rights. (link

Kim received a 100% from the anti-abortion National Right to Life Committee in 2021. (link)

In 2021, Kim voted against protecting abortion rights and Roe v. Wade. (link)

In 2018, Kim vowed to block abortion rights & praised the Susan B. Anthony List, one chief of the architects of the far-right push to repeal Roe v. Wade: Kim says ‘fundamental right to life is vitally important…I intend to stand up for it.’ According to their website, the anti-choice organization Susan B. Anthony List endorsed Young Kim for California’s 39th Congressional District. In response, Kim said, “I am grateful to be endorsed by Susan B. Anthony List. The fundamental right to life is vitally important and I intend to stand up for it as a congresswoman.” [Susan B. Anthony List, Accessed 8/17/2018]

SBA List celebrated Kim’s primary win in 2018. In June 2018, the anti-choice organization Susan B. Anthony List “celebrated as its endorsed candidate Young Kim advanced to the general election for U.S. House of Representatives in California’s 39th District.” According to Marilyn Musgrave, SBA List’s Vice President of Government Affairs, “We congratulate Young Kim on advancing one step closer to Washington.” She continued, “As a member of the California Assembly, she stood up to the extreme abortion lobby’s efforts to force pro-life pregnancy centers to advertise for abortion. She will be a dedicated public servant for California taxpayers, not the abortion industry. We encourage pro-life voters to support her at the polls in November.” [Susan B. Anthony List, 6/6/2018]

SBA is ‘an organization dedicated only to ensuring that abortion is made illegal.’ According to Equity Forward in August 2018, the Susan B Anthony List “continues to show that it does not stand for the lives and well-being of women, including pregnant women.” The SBA List “should instead call itself what it is: an organization dedicated only to ensuring that abortion is made illegal.” Reportedly, The SBA List has strong ties to the Trump administration and is one of the most vocal and well-funded organizations leading the charge to overturn the landmark ruling in Roe v Wade. Just yesterday, they launched a ‘media blitz’ pressing Democrats in Republican and Republican-leaning states up for re-election this fall to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. SBA List only seeks to ‘protect the unborn and their mothers from abortion,’ and has a blatant disregard for the lives and well-being of women who continue their pregnancies, including those who face severe life and health threatening conditions, including miscarriage and maternal death. [Equity Forward, 8/7/2018]

SBA List ‘teeing up… winning challenge’ to Roe v. Wade in 2018. In April 2018, Politico reported that the “anti-abortion movement believes it’s one Donald Trump-appointed Supreme Court justice away from a shot at overturning Roe v. Wade, and advocates are teeing up what they hope will be the winning challenge”: From Iowa to South Carolina, lawmakers are proposing some of the most far-reaching abortion restrictions in a generation, hoping their legislation triggers the lawsuit that eventually makes it to the high court. Mississippi just approved the earliest abortion ban in the country — at 15 weeks of pregnancy — and Kentucky last week banned the procedure used in most abortions after 11 weeks. Legislatures in Ohio and South Carolina are weighing total prohibitions of the procedure, while Iowa is considering a ban as soon as a heartbeat is detected — all bills that if signed into law would violate Roe and prompt lawsuits. ‘That could ultimately be a bill that revisits Roe v. Wade,’ Ohio state Rep. Ron Hood said of his bill to prohibit all abortions. ‘One flip of a Supreme Court justice, and revisiting Roe v. Wade looks very, very promising’… Under a precedent set by former Speaker John Boehner, King said House GOP leaders won’t bring an anti-abortion bill to the floor unless it is supported by three groups: National Right to Life, the Susan B. Anthony List and the Family Research Council. The latter two support King’s bill.” [POLITICO, 04/15/18]

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