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Dr. Asif Mahmood Receives Most Votes in CA-40 Primary & Advances To General Election

Jun 07, 2022

ORANGE COUNTY — Dr. Asif Mahmood, a physician and philanthropist, thanked supporters as he received the most votes in the 40th Congressional District primary election and now advances to the general.

“I became a doctor because my parents taught me that helping others is our highest calling,” said Dr. Mahmood. “For more than twenty years, I have helped patients overcome their health challenges and go on to lead richer lives. I am running for Congress because CA-40 needs leaders who wake up every day to solve problems and actually help families in our district.”

“There is going to be a real choice in this race against whomever I face in the General Election,” Dr. Mahmood continued. “A career politician, Congresswoman Kim has a long history of flouting tax and ethics laws and has faced years of accusations of hiding her income sources. Kim will be forced to come clean about this history in this campaign. Greg Raths is an extreme Trump supporter who 100% opposes a woman’s right to choose and has been criticized for hateful comments against the Jewish community.”

Last week, Dr. Asif Mahmood challenged Rep. Young Kim to release her tax returns after years of allegations of dodging tax payments, double-dipping from her government salary and illegal campaign contributions.

In making his tax returns public, Dr. Mahmood launched a new website,, laying out Rep. Kim’s shady tax and ethics dealings, including:

  • Kim illegally claimed a $7,000 annual homestead tax exemption on a house she wasn’t even living in for four years. (1)
  • Kim failed to pay property taxes multiple times and owed over $10,000 in unpaid federal income taxes. (2)
  • Kim took illegal contributions from high-level Chinese nationals connected with the Chinese Communist Party in 2020. (3)
  • Kim pocketed $1.2 million in taxpayer-funded salary and benefits. She took taxpayer-funded per diem on days she didn’t even show up to work and double-dipped with additional “consulting” payments. (4)

Both Raths and Kim’s records stand in stark contrast to Dr. Mahmoood’s service to the community. Dr. Mahmood has treated thousands of patients over the last twenty years: patients in the ER, critical care, inpatients, and as they leave the hospital. Asif has made it a rule in his practice — if a patient doesn’t have insurance, his office won’t ask for payment. Learn more at

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