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Dr. Asif Mahmood Condemns Congresswoman Young Kim’s Vote Against Bipartisan Legislation to Cap Insulin Prices

Apr 01, 2022

TUSTIN — Dr. Asif Mahmood condemned Congresswoman Young Kim’s vote against a bipartisan bill that would cap the insulin prices for California consumers. On average, Americans pay 500% more than consumers in similar countries for the same unit of insulin. Studies show that nearly a quarter of diabetes patients have been forced to ration or even skip their medication due to skyrocketing costs.

Congresswoman Kim has received $9,500 from the pharmaceutical industry over the last two years and has a long history of opposing bipartisan bills that would improve the lives of families in the 40th district. Congresswoman Kim voted against the bipartisan infrastructure package to improve California’s bridges and roads and has repeatedly voted against funding for emergency disaster relief.

“Instead of siding with families struggling to afford life-saving medication, Congresswoman Kim stood with the pharmaceutical industry and voted against a good, bipartisan bill to lower prescription drug prices. Our district deserves a representative who will help families — not stand in their way.” said Dr. Mahmood.

A physician with more than two decades of experience treating patients in Southern California, Dr. Mahmood has seen first-hand how patients struggle to afford prescriptions and health care. He has treated thousands of patients and has made it a rule in his practice — if a patient doesn’t have insurance, his office won’t ask for payment.

While Dr. Mahmood faces no Democratic challengers in the primary and has earned the party’s endorsement, Congresswoman Kim faces stiff competition from a number of GOP challengers in the primary — including the 2020 GOP nominee against Congresswoman Katie Porter.

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